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職場英文面試自我介紹 篇1

  Good afternoon, Everyone! I am XX. And I am 23 years old. My previous job was a Front Office Supervisor. During the three years when I was working, I also majored Tourism and Hotel Management in the local radio broadcasting and television college. I like this job very much and I like to deal with different guests every day. I hope I can have this chance to one of the members in this hotel. Thank you so much to share my brief introductions.


職場英文面試自我介紹 篇2

  My name is xx, graduated from xx school, was born in xx, I was in university life, as a lot of important positions, exercise their abilities, cultivate its own circle of friends, to their future life lay a good foundation.

  My major is accounting, bachelor degree, major in the university four years I have passed the English four levels of tests, the computerized accounting and accounting practitioner's qualification certificate, trying to learn about every financial discipline, able to skillfully use the computer, in the past two years has been worked in XX company, experience in cashier, settlement and accounting work, and tax filing work of financial management process there are quite a rich experience, familiar with all kinds of financial software, is enthusiastic about his work, always adhere to the professional knowledge of learning, and intends to one-time pass accounting intermediate test within this year.

  I outgoing personality, being active, willing to accept all challenges, served as student body President, during the university is at the same time cultivating a. I have a strong sense of responsibility, the execution and leadership took part in the student union during the university, have strong communication skills and ability, work conscientiously, and strong learning ability and adaptability, positive enterprising, race to the top. In life, my hobby is widespread, like history, in particular to all previous dynasties celebrity biography charting, I also like sports, and organization skills, good at badminton sports.

  In order to broaden their knowledge, I also participated in the study of accounting computerization, grasp the basic application of accounting software, EXCEL application, etc. In order to make their own major knowledge can combine with actual, I also taught himself about the case of materials, such as strategic management, corporate management, financial management, capital operation, etc., and apply it to their internship.

  If I have the opportunity to be admitted, I will make great efforts to apply the knowledge I have learned into practice and strive to realize my value.






職場英文面試自我介紹 篇3

  I am an accounting major fresh graduate, four years of professional study let me solid grasp professional knowledge. Proficient in word, excel, U8 financial software and ERP management system.

  I am a stable and patient person, with steadfast diligence, hard work and positive attitude. Accounting professional learning has cultivated my careful and rigorous attitude towards study and life. Good relationship with teachers and students, good team spirit, strong logical thinking ability and strong sense of responsibility, and will continue to work in the future. Because of this personality factor, I like accounting work very much.

  In practice, in the course of financial software practice, we have done a lot of practice on the input and modification of customer data, business processing, filling of vouchers, and the output of the report. Through the practice of accounting process simulation, I learned the whole process of collecting original vouchers, filling in accounting vouchers, registering books, checking accounts, and making reports. Through my professional study, I have been more determined to choose the accounting profession. I think it is suitable for this job, and I hope to achieve something in my accounting career!

  I am currently taking the examination of junior accountant and certified public accountant. I hope that the accounting professional knowledge will be enriched, and I will strive to become a qualified accountant. I hope to find a financial job that will enable me to make full use of my knowledge, improve my accounting business ability and contribute to the company. My passion for financial work and persistent spirit is the biggest factor in my confidence in accounting work.






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